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Supply Chain

KOA provides innovative services to help companies meet and exceed Global GMP Regulations.

We are associated with Estima Pharma solutions. Our consultancy includes the development of your entire "process control system" required by the FDA's GMPs.  


We actually provide your company with procedures, forms, templates, and training, all integrated to fit within a complete system.  


We offer full plant GMP audits along with comprehensive reports and suggestions on improving facilities to meet compliance with GMP regulations.  


Beyond that, the company reviews GMP infractions with its associates, develops a Strategic Compliance Plan and helps our customers to initiate the plan within their company.  


Strategic Compliance Plans may include the development of Standard Operating Procedures, Regulatory Compliant Forms, Quality Manuals, and Organizational Plans.  


KOA will continue to work with your company throughout the execution of the Strategic Compliance Plan to its completion, creating an on-site relationship with you and your staff. 

GMP consulting 

quality assurance

KOA is committed to providing its clients with the absolute highest-quality services available. Our Quality Policy is the strategic cornerstone of our company.

Our Quality Policy is a commitment to:

  • Continually improve the performance of the Quality Management system

  • Provide quality services that meet the needs and requirements of our customers

  • Promote continuous progress in all our areas of work

  • Care for our customers and always striving to exceed their expectations

  • Develop excellent relationships with our suppliers and service providers

  • Act in accordance with the highest ethical standards

  • Monitor management systems in accordance with legal requirements, product safety, and occupational safety and health

  • Encourage our employees’ continuous training and personal development

  • Provide our employees with a safe and healthy working environment

  • Care for the environment, culture, and business ethics

With our in-depth knowledge of local regulatory processes and interaction with local health and regulatory authorities, we ensure the fastest availability of regulatory dossier 


We have the expertise to support the importation of both registered and unregistered medicines.

regulatory affairs

We offer our partners a single delivery point.

In order to maintain product quality, safety, and efficacy during distribution, Good Distribution & Storage Practices are strictly followed. Storage and transportation of medicinal products is carried out according to the specified conditions, as evidenced by stability data.

We understand that delivering medicines to patients with life-threatening diseases is critical for our partners and patients alike. Our extensive distribution network ensures rapid delivery with the highest quality standards

Supply chain

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